Hope for the Mets with a New Owner


Joseph Romano, Staff Writer

The New York Mets got a brand new owner, and he hopes to revitalize the whole team and the way people look at the team’s accomplishments. New owner Steve Cohen, who is a multi-billionaire, beat out others such as Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez, and NYC mayor Bill de Blasio to win ownership of the team. At first, tabloids reported that Mayor de Blasio wasn’t going to let Steve Cohen buy the Mets, but then Cohen came through at the bottom of the ninth with the win. The cost to Cohen was a whopping $2.4 billion dollars.

He is planning on making the area by CitiField a lot nicer by adding trendy restaurants and comfortable places to sit while watching the underdog team. While this is a nice plan for improvement for the actual stadium, the best part is the Met’s as a team will hopefully make progress. Cohen is planning on trading and picking up many different players from various teams. This change will either help or hurt the Mets, but from what I am seeing, it is definitely going to help them out. Also since the free agency process is starting, Steve Cohen is going to take advantage of that and hopefully get new players that are strong and will benefit the New York Mets in the long run.