Sink or Swim


Madeleine Prucha, Vice President

I float unsure in a brisk, blue sea

And I witness the toils of those around me.

One’s gasping for air, one’s ruined her hair,

And plenty just float in a state in between.


I watch as we all seem to drift with the tides

While the kids wonder why, and adults offer lies.

I watch as the water shoots up and then crashes,

I wince at blue fervor, the struggles, the thrashes.


I tremble at currents, so sly and so strong

As they drag people under who hadn’t done wrong.

And the ones that surf by them, don’t offer a glance,

And they hop the next wave soon as they get a chance.


Though we’re in the same ocean, all in the same boat,

We still seem not to care just who sinks

And who floats.