A Plague’s Veil

A Plagues Veil

Madeleine Prucha, Staff Writer

I’ve watched them watch the dominoes fall,

and the one that was left standing, 

hadn’t even glimpsed at all.


It was on the news prior.

Catch it on the news today.

“Sir, they’ve deemed it a pandemic, 

seems it’s coming our way.”


I’ve watched them all go manic, as they go blind with strife .

I’ve watched them trip through a tightening gyre as they ignore basic life.


“Sir we must save our people, our lives are on the line!”

Is it true life doesn’t matter when portrayed to be sublime?


For our rain forests are burning, our children sit depressed,

But what’s stealing our attention is an illness of the chest?


They’ll chronicle it’s fervor,

And distract us with the new,

While they pull the hoods further over our heads,

leaving yesterday’s woes askew.