A Special Note to the Senior Class

A Special Note to the Senior Class

The Gull staff misses our Senior class and wanted to send some personal, uplifting messages to this special group. We know this is not how anyone expected the school year to turn out, bur remember that obstacles and challenges like the one we face right now is what makes us so much stronger. 

“Thank you for always helping us when we have any concerns, Rock Rivalry related or not. You guys are a model Sister Class, and more important then that, you are model individuals. You all have such a wide array of skill sets and talents, and you will do things greater than this.” – Madeleine Prucha

“I know many of you are upset that you’re not getting your traditional “senior year”, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t getting a unique and meaningful experience in what it means to be strong, stick together, and persevere.” – Mr. Gibbons

“This is not the way you all deserve to spend your senior year. I’m so sorry that this is the way it’s going, but when we get back I know that you will all make the most of it while you can.” – Sofia Valdebenito

“I know this wasn’t what you planned for your senior year, but you guys are doing great. I hope this all ends soon!” – Sydney Rodriguez

“No matter what happens, we are still the class of 2020, and we can get through this.”  – Gianna Campanaro 

“Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have titles until much later.” -Erin Lynch

“No one knows what you guys are feeling at the moment, but what you should know is that you guys were the best sister class and we love you guys. We hope to make you proud.” – Adriana Ramirez

“You guys are such an amazing class and I’m sorry this is all going on during your senior year. But your class always seems to bounce back and kill it, while having the best time you possibly can. I just want to say that I admire that. Stay strong.” -Grace Wayar

“To the Class of 2020, we are going to make it through this. As long as everyone practices social distancing and stays as safe as possible, hopefully we can be back together soon to celebrate our last days in East Rockaway High School.” – Samantha LaChiana