Uplifting Messages for our Student Body

Uplifting Messages for our Student Body

“To my class, I miss you all so much. You don’t realize how important people are until you can’t see them anymore. I miss our jokes, our random conversations, and the genuine connection that we all have. Can’t wait to get back to school with everyone!” – Madeleine Prucha

“I understand that we are going through difficult times right now, but once it’s over, we will be back and stronger than ever!” – Sydney Rodriguez

“I really wish that this wasn’t how we had to spend our sophomore year, the last year we had before we have to really think about college. Hopefully, when we get back we can just enjoy the time we have left and fully recover from this pandemic.”  -Sofia Valdebenito

⭐️”Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” ⭐️ -Erin Lynch

“Do your work and maintain a positive attitude. During this time, we need to stay up rather than down during such a stressful time”  -Adriana Ramirez

“To all my fellow sophomores, Hawaii will have to wait.”  -Grace Wayar

“Try your best not to panic! We will all be safe from this soon as long as everyone cooperates and does their share by staying inside. Hopefully we can all spend the end of the year together, stay safe!” -Samantha LaChiana

“One day your children will write an FRQ about how the Coronavirus impacted the history of the United States. You’re living through that moment right now.” – Mr. Gibbons

“Don’t be hard on yourself about work and stay positive.” – Amanda Loyer