Pictures from Home


Madelyn Miel, Staff Writer

During this time of quarantine due to the virus COVID-19,  also known as the Coronavirus, most people are isolated in their house in order to protect their own health and the health of others.  This is a stressful situation for many who are not used to this. While other people, such as me and my family, are enjoying the time indoors. Why? We are introverts and enjoy the time spent with each other in our home.

I’m doing what I would normally do on a daily basis such as school work, but I also try to keep doing artistic things such as painting and practicing my cello. Even though NYSMMA is canceled it isn’t stopping me from continuing on my piece I was working on presenting. I have taken this time to create new playlists and listen to new musical artists who I might not have had the time to in the past.  I have even incorporated new healthy routines like making good breakfasts which I never did when my life was on the go.

While these are strange times indeed there are many positives to take out of living in our homes.