East Rockaway Students Participate in Science Research

East Rockaway Students Participate in Science Research

Emily Mclaughlin, Secretary

East Rockaway High School has an impressive lineup of students in our Science Research program. In the Science Research Program, students are given the opportunity to study just about anything their heart desires. The class is unique and is different than any of your core classes.  Students are given creative freedom to extensively look into something they are really passionate about, which gives students a sense of ownership and connection to both the class and material. 

Last year, I started my research off by looking into personality disorders, specifically Dissociative Personality Disorder. Now, I have decided to switch my focus to Mental Health issues among High School students with a focus on what we need to do to improve it for the future. I feel like it is a very important topic to address.  I plan on using these experiences to help me decide if psychology is a career I may consider pursuing in college. 

I am not the only passionate researcher in the program this year, here is this school year’s line up! 

Maddy Prucha- Antibiotic resistance and superbugs 

Cassie Koufos- Medicine 

Julia Walsh- Marine life 

Cynthia Chen- Depression

Adrianna Tardo- Mental Health

Kyra Devlin- Robotic surgery 

Sandra Pozo- Sleep Deprivation 

Clare Acuti- Dementia 

Sydney Rodriguez- Cryogenic Preservation 

Sofia Valdebenito- Exo planets

Mike Kilgus- CTE and concussions 

David Rogala- Black holes