Ski Mountain Skies

Erin Lynch, Staff Writer

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What winter activities do you enjoy? Do you have snowball fights, build snowmen, or drink hot chocolate in front of the fire place? Have you ever tried skiing? Skiing is a super fun sport that you can ease into and practice until you feel like a pro. This is a winter time activity that actually welcomes the snow and frost!

Recently my family visited Ski Big Bear Mountain in Pennsylvania.  The slopes for skiing are organized by level. First is the beginner slope, which also known as the ‘Bunny Hill’. The Bunny Hill is where you learn the basics of skiing. Then, the  ‘Green Witch” which is only slightly harder and a good level for beginners. “Blue” is an intermediate slope and participants need to acquire a certain level of skill. The “Black Witch” is for pro skiers and is the hardest of them all. 

Skiing does take some practice. There are many different skills that you need to learn such as how to stop, turn, and control where you are going. Nailing all of this at the start is hard but if you keep practicing, you soon will move from the Bunny Hill to Double Black Witch slope!