Homecoming: From the Stands


Sydney Rodriguez, Treasurer

As I watched the big homecoming game from the stands, I became aware of my surroundings. Towards my right overlooked a crowd of East Rockaway supporters, sitting on the edge of their seats in anticipation of how this game would turn out. To my left were the snack stands, dunk tank, and alumni who were screaming in excitement after reuniting once again after their first month of college. At the basketball court, there were many concession stands, games, and stands that sold East Rockaway merchandise. 

This place was a big hit during half time. The freshmen even ran a booth where customers could throw sponges at them. They built a huge board where they stuck their faces in cutout holes. For a dollar, customers were able to throw sponges at their faces. It was hysterical! Beside the freshmen booth, the sophomores also held a bake sale. They sold many delicious baked goods including brownies, cupcakes, and many more sweet treats. The brownies were a crowd favorite! The Juniors had a concession stand where they sold pasta, pretzels, drinks and more. The smell of hot pretzels and pasta intrigued the taste buds of many.!  Finally, the seniors sold snacks the famous Rock tower! Another popular attraction was the dunk tank! Staff chosen by the students were able to get dunked. It was hilarious seeing all of the teachers and administrators getting dunked by the students! The staff selected to get dunked included Ms. Ruiz, Ms. Terranova, Mr. Poland, Mr. Collins, Mr. Schaffer, Mr. Gerken, Mr. Crowley, Mr. Altamore, and many more. It was definitely an experience to remember!

There were also performances from the Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Junior High Cheerleaders. Homecoming Prince and Princess, Emily Hernandez and Mike Koerner, and Homecoming King and Queen, Mairead Connor and Zachary Hiroshima made a grand entrance on the back of a pick-up truck! In the end, the Rocks, who played Carle Place/Wheatley, ended up with a win with a score of 38-8. It was a fun and unforgettable game, especially for the seniors who will soon be graduating!