April Holidays: Who Knew?
Do you ever stop and think about a certain holiday when it’s coming up like Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, April Fools Day, Easter and others?  Sometimes we get so excited about certain popular holidays, we forget that there are other national holidays to enjoy.  You may not realize it, but each day of each month there is a new holiday that can be celebrated. The month of April has many exciting holidays to enjoy.  Some of them can be very funny and wacky... April Fools Day is one of the very popular holidays.  It is on April 1st every year.  This holiday is known as an opposite day for many.  People come up with fake stories and facts to joke their friends with convincing them that it is real.  April also has Arbor Day, which is the last Friday of April every year, this year it falls on the 28th.  Some people forget about Arbor Day, but it is widely known as being the day of planting, gardening, and caring for our many trees, flowers, and any other plants. Have you ever heard of “Don’t Go to Work Unless It’s Fun Day?” This national day falls on April 3rd.  Some people may make the decision to take a day off from their job.  Sometimes we all need one little relaxing day.  If you do go to work on this day, it’s another way of looking at the day in a better light.  Of course you probably are not in the mood at all to wake up early and get to work, but you can make your day more fun by going into your job with a positive attitude.  You could also think about what is on your agenda today and what you will do when you finally have the chance to go home. Do you enjoy caramel popcorn?  This month, on April 7th is “National Caramel Popcorn Day.”  The creation of the tasty mix of caramel and popcorn was founded way back in the 1890s.  It was first introduced at a world fair in Chicago in 1893.  Some people celebrate this holiday by making their own caramel popcorn from scratch and sharing it with their family and friends. Penguins are known as birds who can’t fly, but waddle when they walk.  These birds can be found in not only cold but also warm temperatures.  Believe it or not “World Penguin Day” is celebrated on April 25th.  This holiday is celebrated to coincide with the northern movement of penguins.  If you are an animal lover and like penguins, here is a day to learn more about these different and interesting birds. These are just few of many interesting and fun holidays that are in the month of April.  Do you know what today’s national holiday is?

Gianna Campanaro, Staff Writer

Jan 31, 2017
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