2019-2020 Staff

Erin Lynch

Staff Writer

Erin Lynch is a girl who loves to write, she is very into sports like volleyball, track, and has been skiing for the last few years. Erin enjoys long hikes and exploring the forest, but her favorite is a campfire with s'mores. She...

Joseph Romano

Staff Writer

Joseph Romano is an 8th grader at East Rockaway. This is his second year being a member of The Gull and he is excited for this school year.  He has played the alto saxophone in the band for the past five years. He is also a me...

Kyle Curtis

Staff Writer

Kylie Curtis is a 7th grader who enjoys writing, loves art, and is very active in and out of school,  She plays the violin, enjoys school, has a dog and a cat, and is very excited to be part of The East Rockaway Gull....

Gianna Companaro


Gianna Campanaro is a Senior and the Co-President of the East Rockaway Gull at East Rockaway Jr./Sr. High School. She has been a part of the club since 9th grade and was last year’s treasurer. Gianna is a voice on the Studen...

Gabriella Shaeffer

Staff Writer

Gabriella Schaefer is a 7th grade student at East Rockaway Jr. Sr. High school.   She is a team player who participates in cross country, chorus, and orchestra. Gabriella is a very big fan of the Harry Potter series and is curr...

Emily Mclaughlin


Emily McLaughlin is a sophomore at East Rockaway jr./sr. High school, and an avid lover of journalism and overall writing. In addition to The Gull, she is a member of the Student Council, and National Jr. Honor Society. She is also ...

Anthony Romano


Anthony Romano is a high school senior who is currently participating in his sixth year of The Gull.  Anthony is co-president of the club and plans to write articles using his expertise in sports and entertainment. He is reall...

Sugar Helena Constant

Staff Writer

Sugar Helena Constant is a seventh grader. She moved here from California in fourth grade and went to Rhame Elementary. She lives with her grandpa, mom, dad, and little brother. Her birthday is on October 18 and is currently 11...

Joey Lu

Staff Writer

Joey Lu is a seventh grader who is quite obsessed with the Maze Runner and grammar. When she’s not reading and writing, watching Youtube is her life! Joey’s main talent is to solve a Rubik’s Cube, which she practices prett...

Madelyn Miel

Staff Writer

Madelyn Miel is a sophomore at East Rockaway Jr/Sr High School. Mady loves to play the cello, dance and drawing. The activities Mady is a part of at East Rockaway Highschool is Rock Orchestra, the National Honor Society, Tri-M, ...

Maddy Mistretta

Staff Writer

Maddy Mistretta is a sophomore at East Rockaway High School and it is her first year writing for The Gull. On her free time she enjoys spending time with friends and family and singing. In addition to The Gull, she is involved...

Madeleine Prucha

Vice President

Madeleine Prucha is a sophomore at East Rockaway High School.  She loves to compete with her gymnastics team, play the cello, be with friends and family, play with her dog, and is very active in Rock Rivalry.  She also belong...

Emily Ramos

Staff Writer

Emily Ramos is a senior at East Rockaway High School. She is involved in various extracurricular activities and sports including The Gull, Pride Club, Yearbook Club, Competition Cheerleading, and Badminton. Emily has a passion for t...

Sydney Rodriguez


Sydney Rodriguez is a sophomore who currently attends the East Rockaway Junior/Senior High School. As a new member of The Gull, she is excited to see how her journey as a writer will progress. Along with The Gull, she is an active pa...

Samantha LaChiana

Editor in chief

Samantha LaChiana is a Senior at East Rockaway Jr./Senior High School. She joined The Gull in the 7th grade and has been a dedicated member ever since. Samantha is the Editor in Chief of The Gull. She reads and edits articles b...

Micheal Mahoney

Staff writer

Michael Mahoney is an 8th grade student at East Rockaway High School. He is a black belt in karate and loves to write about the Yankees. He also runs Cross Country and plays Lacrosse.