The East Rockaway Experience

Laura Millar, Staff Writer

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    Sitting on a computer with a coffee next to you, hands on keyboard (and sometimes on coffee), makes everything feel just right. I’ve been a part of The East Rockaway Gull since the beginning of my high school career and soon things will be coming full circle. It’s time to take a step back and reflect on my time at East Rockaway High School for my very last article.

Walking into the school four years ago, I was looking forward to being involved in many clubs and activities like soccer, The Gull, the pit for the musicals, and Rock Rivalry; however, I had no idea what these activities would entail. I joined everything that interested me and became class president.  I learned how to manage my time with AP classes and other activities. I became immersed in all that our school had to offer and I definitely don’t regret it. I never once wished that East Rockaway was bigger or that it had more opportunities because I didn’t need to.

Every opportunity that I took in high school has had some affect on me. Being class president taught me leadership, while being Rock Rivalry chairman taught me valuable skills about dealing with all different types of people and working together. The Gull has made me realize that I love to write, which helped me a lot with college applications and will continue to help me in the future. Being involved in sports like soccer, lacrosse, and badminton taught me a lot about teamwork.

Besides clubs and activities, classes at East Rockaway have introduced me to subjects I like and want to pursue and some that I may not want to continue. I’m so glad I took band and stuck with it all four years as I now can play a few different instruments. Taking band throughout high school helped me develop my love for music and offered me a break from my more difficult classes throughout the day. I started off only knowing how to play clarinet and ended up playing three different instruments. I joined jazz band and learned the tenor saxophone. I also learned how to play the bass clarinet for the musicals.

The experience I’ve had at East Rockaway is one that I will never forget. Our small community allows for close friendships that I can never replace. I’m truly going to miss seeing friendly faces everyday in the hall and going through Rock Rivalry madness in March. Starting over is going to be hard, but East Rockaway High School has taught me everything that I need to know to succeed. East Rockaway is small, but it is mighty.

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