The 83rd Rock Rivalry

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The 83rd Rock Rivalry

Laura Millar, Staff Writer

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“And in first place with 90 points… the Seniors!”

After months of rehearsing, painting, and building, Rock Rivalry came to an end. All four classes came out strong in the small gym and on stage, making for a very successful Rock Rivalry.

Coming in second in sports night and third in quiz bowl, the Freshman got off to a great start for their first year as competitors. The Class of 2022 became strong competition this year, coming in third in mural and only losing by a .25 point to the Sophomores. They made for a close and exciting Rock Rivalry this year, and will be a force to be reckoned with next year!

The Sophomores pulled off third place overall with a funny and original entrance, “Zeus on the Loose.” Coming back from a 9 point deficit, the Sophomores came in third place entrance and third place stand overall. Their comeback proves their class’ determination and drive to never give up.

In second place was the Juniors. They brought their castle to the small gym, taking second place in stand and mural. With a first place entrance, the Juniors proved to be a crowd pleaser. The Juniors also came back from third place after sports night and quiz bowl and came in second with a point total of 74.25.

Finally, the Seniors were victorious! Coming in first place for sports night, quiz bowl, mural, stand construction, and stand overall, the seniors scored 90 points overall. Their entrance, “Mastermimes,” came in second place. The Senior’s stand, the Eiffel Tower, touched the gym ceiling. Surrounded by French shops and vendor stands, the Seniors truly brought you to France. Their mural featured the Mona Lisa dressed as a mime and received first place votes from all five judges.

The Senior class would like to thank their class advisors, Mr. Gerken and Mrs. Muvaney, for all of their hard work these past two years. We appreciate all the time spent away from home making sure our class rehearsed enough to win the cup. Above all, we’ll miss all the fun we’ve had and memories we’ve made together. We love you!

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