The Curriculum Fair Comes To East Rockaway High School!

Sam LaChiana, President

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The Curriculum Fair is a night where students  from grades seven through twelve are offered the chance to explore and learn more about their vast opportunities of clubs, AP classes and electives to choose from at East Rockaway Junior/Senior High School. Students of all ages gathered together at the high school and assembled in the small gym to view tri-boards and presentations created by teachers and students that displayed highlights of each club, class or activity.  Parents and curious students were able to learn more about activities and classes they are interested in, and were given the opportunity to make decisions about programs they may want to include in their high school career.  This event was great for all, as students were given the opportunity to listen to their peers discuss some of the exciting things that take place in their classes and clubs and that perspective allows students to better understand the opportunities that are being presented.

The East Rockaway Gull set up a laptop opened up to our own website to display the process of releasing sets of articles on a monthly basis and to promote the club as a whole.  We met many students who were unaware of the different needs of the club besides writers, such as photographers and artists.  As presenters we still had the opportunities  to see everyone’s presentations and their passion truly shined through. Whether it was the Music Department who had a station set up where you can try out the new Ukuleles or the Robotics club demonstrating their Robots, everyone who participated in the curriculum fair where given the opportunity to see interesting opportunities they may not have been aware of at East Rockaway High School.

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