Elizabeth Ruggiero and Luze Moreno

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On November 19th, Ms. Falvo and Ms. Isik’s class held Vignettesgiving for the seventh graders. Each student worked hard on writing three vignettes based off the book House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. The 7th graders had a variety of choices of vignettes in which they could make a model of in their own words.

In case you didn’t know, a vignette is a short little descriptive story or paragraph, as well as a sketch. You could read a story and make a vignette about it or you can make your own from the top of your imagination as well! You don’t have to have lots of experience, you can just brainstorm ideas and write about the first thing that comes to mind. Love basketball? Write about that! What about dance, food, cheer, soccer, pets? Write about that too! Think of a vignette as a journal/diary, or creative and descriptive as well a fun way to let your feelings out! A vignette is way different from an essay or long story, it is shorter and feels like an easier way to begin writing… well at least that is our opinion. You could write or type a vignette either for school or just for fun. Most of the time, you need to have lots of figurative language in your vignette, that is where the descriptive part comes along.

The students brought lots of tasty snacks for all, we were each assigned a day to bring in food. As we ate, a student would read one vignette they wrote. The teacher handed out a packet of our vignettes. We put our chairs into a big circle so we could hear the person reading. The English teachers handed out review sheets. Each student would grade the vignette and state the figurative language. They would compliment the person and fill the sheet with positivity.

Vignettesgiving was a lot of fun, students loved it! Teachers and students both connected with each other and respected each other as well. We all carefully listened and read each others vignettes. It was an enjoyable and memorable time for all! It was probably the best time we ever had in class, we had our laughs and sad times. We hope we get more fun times like this throughout the year!

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