A CANtinuation

Laura Millar, Staff Writer

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Canstruction is pretty self-explanatory in its name. Although easy to understand, East Rockaway’s newest club is more than just building structures out of cans; it’s a way to stop hunger. Beginning in late August, a handful of students met to discuss and exchange ideas. The club faced a few challenges, including how to obtain canned goods at the cheapest price possible. The team was inexperienced yet passionate and ready to take part in such a special experience.

With the help of Ms. Curcio and other advisors, the Canstruction team gathered cans of green beans and corn to make their structure possible. Building a wall sounded simple, but proved to be more complicated than it seemed. The wall needed two colors to help distinguish the words from the background. On one side, the wall would say “The Key,” with the shape of a key instead of the word itself. On the other would be a key hole. Representative of the key to hunger, East Rockaway’s wall helped gain awareness.

After a few practice builds, the team was ready for the real thing. The first build was successful for East Rockaway, winning best CANcept, or use of labels. What seemed to be a simple design proved meaningful. The stability and simplicity of the wall lead the Canstruction team to their first of many victories.

The Canstruction team hopes to gain younger members to ensure its continuation in the future. The club plans to hold design contests before the end of the year showcasing new ideas and to begin discussing future activities. With the creativity of new members and the skills from experienced ones, the Canstruction team hopes to step up their design and prepare for next year.

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