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Why This Month is Important …

Olivia Yagnisis, Staff Writer

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When you think of October, what do you think of? Maybe, Halloween, pumpkin spice season, apple/pumpkin picking, scary movies and maybe even season 3 of Riverdale. Here’s something you might not have known, October is “National Bully Prevention” month!

Bullying is a BIG deal. Throughout this month the monitors in the cafeteria will have different facts everyday. Classrooms will have discussions about bullying. Advisory classes will work on a project called “Every Step You Take” to reflect on steps students can take to make the world bully free. On October 16th and 17th all students in grades 7-12 can sign the pledge banner “ UNITED WE STAND AGAINST BULLYING AND DRUGS”. The middle school banners are located in the auditorium and the high school banners are located in cafeteria. October 24th is Unity Day. On this day all staff and students are recommended to wear orange to support kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

In a bullying scenario there are four roles; 1. The Bully, 2. The Bystander, 3. The Upstander and 4. The Victim. Some people think that being a bystander is okay because they think that they don’t have to get involved because it’s none of their business. They might even think that they aren’t involved, but they are. By watching a bullying scenario and doing nothing, they are helping the bully. They are just letting it happen.  Sometimes kids play more than one role. For example, a bully could’ve been a victim at one point. However, an upstander could’ve been a victim, too.

Cyberbullying is hard to hide from now that almost everyone has a digital device. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Message are the apps teens and children most commonly use. Those apps can be used for bullying. Unfortunately, victims can now be bullied 24/7 due to social media and everyone can see the harassment.  

Bullying takes 4,400 lives per year according to bullyingstatistics.org. “Bullying victims are between 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims, according to studies by Yale University” and bullyingstatistics.org/content/bullying-and-suicide.html. In the USA 20 percent of  kids in grades 6-12 are bullied – that’s 65,353,349 students.  

We can change these numbers and statistics.  We can be the voice and movement to make a difference. It just takes one person. If we all choose kindness and treat each other with respect, we can make bullying part of history!


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