Monday Morning

Sofia Bertolotti, Staff Writer

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The morning sunrise,

The crisp fall sunset,

It’s another Monday morning that bullies won’t make you forget.


Walking down the halls,

Staring at the walls.

Seeing things that shouldn’t be said

Or else your “friends” will make sure rumors are spread.

How many times must you fall,

Before you have to eat lunch in the bathroom stall.


People can wreck you,

Hurt you and shame you,

But that is why you must rise,

And leave those hurtful acts to die.


Hearing the mouse click,

Seeing the popular clique.

It’s quite puzzling I must say,

The way teens fight and act like it’s okay.

How many times must you push and shove,

Till no one can find a glimpse of love?


People can tease you,

Beat you and hate you,

But that is why you must rise above,

And make sure we can still find that glimpse of love.

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