If you want protection, raise the income.

Nicholas Iannucci, Student Writer

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Did you know that the average pay in the NBA in 2013-14 was $4.9 million? And that the average pay for a lawyer was $136,260?  And yet, as of 2010, the average salary for a U.S soldier was $99,000. These numbers should disgust you because people who risk their lives to fight for our freedom are paid less than a lawyer and a professional athlete. This is just one of many reasons why we need to pay our service man and women more.

The opposing side might argue that when you enlist in the military, you know you won’t be paid very well. People who enlist in the military mostly join it to protect our freedom, not for a paycheck. However, people who might argue this are taking for granted all that these servicemen and servicewomen do for our country. These servicemen and women risk their own personal safety to protect us and our freedom and keep enemies out of our country.

Additionally, throughout the military and other armed forces, there are different ranks given to people. Someone who is ranked “E-1”, is the lowest rank of the military. The “E” represents the person’s rank and the “1” represents the person’s pay. According to an article on Gale Database called “New Military Wages” the author says that “a five star general earns 41 times as much as a private.” It is obvious that someone with a higher rank will be paid more, but it is unacceptable for someone so low in rank to be paid such little money for risking their life just like a five star general does.

Most jobs in America pay their employees more than soldiers in the military. In an article on “www.military.com”, the author says “in general, civilian life offers more money.” This is a problem because these people serving in the military risk their lives day by day to keep us protected so they deserve better pay than people who aren’t a risk back in America. Also on another article on Gale Database called “New Military Wages” the author says that “the police are paid rather better than the army.” People serving in both of these fields risk their lives, but people in the military never see their family and they need better pay to support their family back home. Furthermore, if we continue to pay our military so little, less and less people will enlist because they will be risking their lives for no rhyme or reason. How can we expect people to sign their life away, if they can’t even buy diapers for their children, they can’t afford health insurance, and they can’t afford to put food on the table? All in all they won’t be able to support their family if they don’t get the correct pay for risking their lives day in and day out to fight for our freedom and protect us.

Throughout history, men served in the military to also protect the constitution and the freedoms of the people. Throughout history, men serving in the military were also not paid well. According to an article, “it provides them a full pay raise for the first time in four years.” In other words, for the first time in four years, the military finally got a full pay raise. But this pay raise still isn’t enough pay for servicemen and women to buy their children diapers and etc. to support their family. According to an article on “www. militaryhistorynow.com”, “By 1780, the typical foot soldier in the Continental Army was told to expect about $29 dollars a year.” Furthermore, all throughout history, people serving in the military were never paid well. $29 a year is a terrible pay check for what these people do for our country.

This is an issue we need to resolve. Our soldiers can’t be taken for granted, they have lives to live just like us. To resolve this issue we can take money out of another act or bill to put it towards our soldiers and give them better pay. To raise awareness, people can form charities to raise money for the soldiers to support themselves and their family. Also, to protest, people can send letters to congress about this need for better pay for soldiers.

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