Hard Hits Hit Hard

Anthony Prelesnick, Student Writer

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You are the linebacker of a high school football team.  It is your first game of the new season. It is fourth down the opponents full back storms threw the defense. You are the only one facing against him. You lunge lightning speed into him; he crashes into the ground. You saved your team from giving up a touchdown, but you start to feel nauseous and dizzy as you come off the field. You feel as if everything around you is spinning. After the game you go to the doctor and you are diagnosed with a concussion.  This is how many football players around the U.S are taken out of the game they love.  Concussions, if bad enough, can take a player out of the game for possibly a whole season.

According to NFL.com, in 2016 over $25 million dollars went to helping and expanding health and safety projects.  This is amazing how much money is being put into the development of medical and safety research, but what should be funded more is the programs already made to help football players prevent head injuries.  The heads up football program is one of them.  This program helps players to learn new techniques to be safer on the field and to help prevent future injury.  This program should be more funded to help popularize the program so it is more used within schools and colleges.

A research program has studied ways to prevent head injuries in practice.  Their research was conducted and found that doing hitting drills on pads without helmets caused a 30 percent decrease in impact on the head.  By doing this, the program can now further research into ways to minimize head contact to prevent concussion.  Also ATC spotters could be a big help to prevent further injury to the brain.  ATC spotters look out on field for any symptoms of concussion.  If any head to head hits are on the field that may be serious these spotters will check the players which will allow easier access to medical assistants and make it easier to possibly get back in the game.

All these things previously explained show the vast technologies and research being put into concussion testing for this sport.  Time, money, and effort is put into this sport so that kids and adults may enjoy the sport with less worry of injury.  I strongly believe that this sport is growing tremendously and will be enjoyed by many generations.

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