Heading Towards the Finish Line

Corey Kaufman, Staff Writer

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It’s the tail end of 2016. With everything in the news this year, nothing has dominated the headlines more than the race for the White House. As Barack Obama gets ready to leave his Presidency, each new candidate comes with their own set of baggage. Democratic Candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton faces off against Republican candidate Donald Trump in the 2016 election. 

However, it has come to light in recent years that both candidates have less than noble pasts. Hillary Clinton’s mistreatment of her private emails has become a huge story. The FBI investigation was unfruitful. However, recent revelations by the watch group Wikileaks have shown that Clinton did in fact have classified information on her unsecured server. However, no substantial evidence of any breach of the server have come forward. Also, evidence of Hillary Clinton’s declining health shows that she may not be fit to hold office. She has been seen in photos and videos fainting as well as having difficulty climbing up flights of stairs without assistance. Also, in 2012 Hillary Clinton fell which caused a minor concussion that gave her double vision and required her to wear special glasses.  It is also apparent that in emails leaked by Wikileaks, leaders of the DNC and the media colluded to ruin the chances of Senator Bernie Sanders from getting the Democratic nomination. 

Donald Trump, on the other hand, isn’t an angel either. He has been called everything from a Racist Xenophobe Facist, to literally the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. His comments on illegal immigrants flared righteous indignation from Pro-Amnesty groups as well as some Mexican-Americans. He called for a ban on refugees from the conflict zones in the Middle East coming into the United States, in fear of the violent behavior in Europe erupting on American streets.  His past of bankruptcies and failed business deals have given some Americans concern in his ability to fix our broken economy.  

I may sound bitter, but I can no longer tell the difference between the times I should laugh or cringe when I read anything about the race for the White House.

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